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What is Covenant Housing?
The residents of City Station Student Housing will commit to a lifestyle based on Biblical principles. City Station Student Housing will provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment so that each resident’s relationship with Christ will be actively cultivated. Residents will be individuals seeking a place where they can live out their faith in Jesus Christ and take advantage of all the amenities and ministries that City Station offers. Following a Christian lifestyle includes growing in the practice of the Christian spiritual disciplines like Bible study, prayer, fellowship, worship, and service to others. Also, residents will strive to avoid behaviors that could detract from their own spiritual growth or from other residents at City Station. These behaviors include the use of abusive, destructive and vulgar speech; addictions to any kind of substance, activity or relationship; participation in sexual relationships outside of marriage; the viewing of pornographic or indecent media; or the use or possession of any alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or illegal drugs while on City Station property. Four residents will live in a quad style apartment, with one resident leading as a mentor.

Do I get to pick my roommates?
Each 4 bedroom unit will have one pre-assigned mentor. When you complete your online application, you can request two other people you would like to room with. It is helpful if these people put the same names on their application. Requesting roommates is not a guarantee of living with those people, but we will do our best. If you do not request roommates, we may have you answer a short questionnaire later to determine which other applicants would be a good fit for you to room with.

How do I apply for Student Housing?
Simply click on the “Vacancies” tab of this website, then apply for a vacancy. There will be a $25 fee for each applicant. If the student lacks financial history, we may ask for a guarantor (parent) to fill out an application as well, and guarantee funds.

How can I get more information if I am not ready to apply yet?
Simply click on the “Contact Us” tab on this website. Our Student Housing Director will contact you as soon as possible.

Are apartments co-ed?
In our efforts to offer Covenant Housing, City Station will not offer co-ed housing. We believe having males and females living in the same apartment will bring on un-due temptations. This applies to siblings as well.

Are apartments furnished?
Yes. Furnished apartments come complete with living room furniture, kitchen appliances (including dishwasher and microwave), full-size washer & dryer. Bedrooms are furnished with a bed, dresser & night stand.

Can people in the City Station Community building come up to my apartment?
The 3rd and 4th floors which house the Student Housing will be available via key card only. You may bring friends up to your apartment, but it will not be accessible by anyone but the residents with key cards.